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Fixed wireless high speed Internet services - Phoenix, AZ

Airband Communications is the largest fixed wireless provider serving businesses in the United States. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of high-bandwidth Internet access, point-to-point private line services and managed solutions over one of the industry’s most scalable last-mile networks.

Founded in 2000, Airband built its wholly-owned network to bypass the local phone and cable companies, providing customers with faster install times, unmatched scalability and complete path redundancy from the traditional wireline infrastructure. Today, Airband provides service in 17 markets and is expanding quickly.

Wireless Broadband Internet Service - Cottonwood, Verde Village, Bridgeport, Clarkdale, Jerome, and most of the Cornville And Camp Verde AZ / surrounding areas of Northern Arizona

Enjoy faster downloads with DSL and wireless connections. DSL is available in most Arizona cities. Wireless connections are available in both Camp Verde and Cottonwood.

NLOS Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Yuma Arizona, the Imperial Valley, San Luis Rio Colorado and Calexico

Beam Speed owns and operates MMDS/ITFS channels in numerous US markets, and provides wireless ISP services under the brand - NextNet's Expedience(TM) NLOS system. BeamSpeed is a revolutionary new Internet service. It is made possible by licensed, high-capacity wireless radio spectrum, called MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service). This wireless spectrum, combined with the most up-to-date broadband wireless technology, enables the BeamSpeed service to reach virtually all the homes and businesses in our coverage area.

How is BeamSpeed service different from other fixed wireless solutions? BeamSpeed functions effectively in non-line-of-sight conditions and in most cases requires no outside antenna, where typical fixed wireless services only work with an outside antenna which must be within clear line-of-sight from the provider's base station. The BeamSpeed subscriber unit can be moved to any location within the coverage area with no loss of service, where typical fixed wireless equipment is permanently installed. Also, the BeamSpeed customer equipment is virtually "plug and play", easily set up by the customer in about 5 minutes, while typical fixed wireless service requires the customer to wait for an installer to come, install the equipment on the roof, and run wires from there to the computer.

Wireless Broadband Internet Service - based in Tucson, Arizona / Avra Valley, Catalina, Green Valley, Marana, Mescal/J6 Ranch, Oro Valley, Oracle, Picture Rocks, San Manuel, Nogales, Rio Rico, Sahuarita, Tubac, Summerhaven, and Vail

high speed, low latency carrier class internet connectivity and voice. No phone lines, or cable required.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Chino Valley, Paulden, Prescott, AZ / surrounding rural communities in Arizona

A Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) is a special kind of broadband service provider that uses an antenna to transmit data through airwaves to a receiving antenna at a customer's location. The data transmission works in a similar manner as a satellite dish. The main difference is that a wireless internet data antenna sends and receives information from a local tower verses a satellite in space.

high speed wireless Internet services - Lechee, Page AZ

Our wireless Internet program, "Fat Pipe", is moving forward full speed ahead. Two new antenna towers (in addition to the one above our office) have been erected, and are now operational. Their coverage area includes Lechee, the marina, and all of Page. Wireless Internet gives you a super fast connection and does NOT tie up your telephone.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Sierra Vista, Ft. Huachuca, Hereford, High Knolls, Whetstone, Lower/Upper Huachuca City, Palominas, AZ / surrounding rural communities in Arizona

The CIS Wireless Broadband network is built upon proven and well established networking standards. CIS has introduced a High Speed broadband network that provides the quality services that the area deserves! Our network delivers high speed and robust broadband connectivity.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Whetstone, Upper and Lower Huachuca City, Sierra Vista, Hereford and Palominas AZ / surrounding rural areas in Southern Arizona

CIS offers a wide range of affordable high-speed T1/broadband and Wireless WAN connections, network services and solutions for your small business or home office. We save time and money in your selection of Internet and Data Services. Clark Information Systems provides a complete end-to-end turnkey data solution including design, installation and 24x7 support.

Wireless Wide Area Networking - We provide spread spectrum networking solutions that offer data throughputs from 1 to 10 Mbps. These solutions provide facilities to connect two networks over the wireless link, either as a bridge or on high end radios as routers. Wireless WANs can be used to connect adjacent buildings or create to a link between locations up to 10 miles apart. In all cases, a clean line of site with no obstructions must be certified prior to deployment. We build tower structures to give additional elevation (if necessary) to provide point-to-point paths.

4G Wireless high speed ISP - Bagdad, Camp Verde, Chino Valley, Clarkdale, Cordes Junction, Cornville, Cottonwood, Dewey, Humbolt, Lake Montezuma, Flagstaff, Mayer, Morristown, Paulden, Peeples Valley, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Rimrock, Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Wickenburg, Wilhoit, Williams, Williamson Valley / throughout North Central Arizona

Wireless is the right choice for high-speed Internet access. It's the Internet the way it is meant to be: FAST! If you use the Internet to work at home, CommSpeed will save you time and money. If your kids use the Internet for school, they will have a richer learning experience. If you surf the web for enjoyment, get ready for pure fun! Software downloads in seconds. Web pages snap into place. Get everything you have wanted to try, but hesitated to attempt because of the painful wait — Streaming video and audio. It's all possible NOW! Our main transmitters on Mingus Mountain in Yavapai county and Mount Eldon in Coconino county have a range of over 35 miles. Numerous local "sectorized hubs" have been installed to provide additional coverage

Broadband Wireless ISP - Kearny, Dudleyville, Globe, Hayden, AZ / Central Arizona

CopperNet's High-Speed Wireless Internet "Bandwidth onDemand" offers speeds up to 3Mbps. Bandwidth onDemand is a fast, reliable, carrier class connection to the Internet, which makes it suitable for commercial use. All Bandwidth onDemand connections include at least one static IP address. Commercial accounts include additional IP addresses up to a Class C. Commercial accounts also include pro-active circuit monitoring and bandwidth utilization reports.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Rio Verde, AZ

Desert Inet provides high speed internet access to homes and businesses in the Rio Verde and North Scottsdale area. We offer tiered access speeds to meet the varying needs of both our residential and business customers. Our mission is to provide you fast download and fast upload speeds that stay fast.

high speed wireless network - Yuma, AZ

In 1999, Digitaldune became broadband pioneers in the Yuma area with the introduction of a high speed wireless network. All of the sudden, broadband Internet access became affordable for businesses of any size and even to residential customers. Our wireless system provides for a wide variety of options and configurations. We here at Digitaldune will be happy to help you find the best options for your home or business needs.

wireless broadband connections - Safford, Central, Thatcher - Arizona

We are happy to say that we are able to provide dedicated fulltime connections from 56K through multiple full T-1's. We also provide wireless connections to the local area to decrease the cost of your high-speed services. Home wireless: Share a 2 Megabit per second channel which is up to 50 times faster than local dial-up speeds. That's fast! Unlimited hours, no phoneline required. Also Dedicated Business Wireless service.

Wireless Broadband Provider - Sedona, AZ

eSedona provides high-speed wireless internet access to homes and businesses as well as cafes, hotels, restaurants and other public areas in Sedona. You can access the web with either your own laptop or handheld device.



High Speed Wireless Internet Services - from Circle City to eastern Wickenburg, AZ

With multiple transmission towers located along Route 60, our terrestrial wireless service frees you from the speed limitations of rural phone wires, allowing you to access the internet at 20-50 times the speed of dialup, and is faster and less expensive than satellite or cell-based solutions. No busy signals or second phone lines!

WiMAX Wireless Internet Service Provider - metro Phoenix, Arizona

We provide Phoenix wireless Internet service provider rate quotes to business customers who need highly reliable and synchronous bandwidth from 2 MB to 1,000 MB. We offer Ethernet hand-off of high capacity WiMax connections at wholesale rates from the largest high capacity fixed wireless provider in the United States. Our HiCap WiMax connections can be a scalable primary connection or a backup circuit.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Bullhead City, Laughlin, Needles, Ft. Mohave, Mohave Valley, AZ / Lower Colorado River Valley

Mohave Broadband uses the latest wireless technology to provide High Speed Internet access to the Tri-State communities. is a local company dedicated to providing quality Internet services to local customers at a reasonable rate. At we realize that our very existence depends on you, our customers, and the quality of service that we provide to you. MohaveBroadband has partnered with existing merchants in your community to serve you better. We have installed state of the art equipment into our new facilities in this community because we believe that this community is a great place to live and a good investment. Since we are locally owned and operated our investment is in this community and our profits are eventually returned to this community.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Page, Lechee, Green Haven, AZ & Big Water, Church Well, Clark Bench, UT / surrounding areas of the Lake Powell Area of rural Northern Arizona and Sourthern Utah

Ulimitted, always on high speed 128K connection, a total of three Email accounts, and 5MB of web space (upon request) for personal use only.

WISP Broadband Wireless ISP - Phoenix Metro area and the West Valley area in Arizona

Phoenix Internet's Wireless Internet Service is designed for business and residential users' that need high-speed Internet access at affordable prices. Phoenix Internet has built high-speed wireless networks where the local phone and cable companies have not deployed affordable Internet services. Phoenix Internet Wireless Service is available in Phoenix Metro area and the West Valley.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Southern Arizona, including, but not limited to, the Tucson metro area, Marana, Green Valley, Rio Rico, and Sahuarita.

As an organization, the mission of Simply Bits is to create Southern Arizona's best wired and wireless network for delivery of Internet access, voice, fax, and other enhanced broadband applications and solutions. Broadband wireless technology from Simply Bits gives metro-Tucson businesses flexible connectivity choices. With some of the largest wireless bandwidth capacity in Tucson, Simply Bits can provide your primary connection to the Internet or a backup connection to ensure business continuity during an emergency. Simply Bits also covers areas where there has previously been no high-speed option. Whether you need 1 MB of service on the far-east side, 10 MB of service in Marana, or hundreds of megabits in Green Valley – Simply Bits has a package to meet your needs

Next Generation Wireless Broadband Service - Silver City NM / Graham and Greenlee counties in Arizona, and Grant and Hidalgo Counties in New Mexico

Wi-Power is the next generation of high-speed Internet. Wi-Power is high-speed Internet access designed to serve the needs of consumers by providing broadband Internet without a wired connection. Wi-Power delivers true broadband connections in an "always on" format.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service - Cave Creek, Carefree, Desert Mountain, AZ / surrounding areas in Arizona

Broadband Wireless ISP - Sierra Vista, Benson, Willcox, AZ / Cochise, Graham, Pima and Santa Cruz Counties Arizona

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) has brought high-speed wireless Internet service to Sierra Vista. The service, known as Bright Connect, delivers faster downloads than dial-up Internet services and there's never a busy signal. As with our electricity service, Bright Connect is a non-profit venture that puts our members first.

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative is a non-profit, member-owned distribution cooperative providing electricity to more than 45,000 services over some 3,300 miles of energized line. Located in southeastern Arizona, the cooperative's service territory covers parts of Cochise, Graham, Pima and Santa Cruz Counties and includes the communities of Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, Patagonia, Elfrida, Benson, St. David, Bowie, San Simon, Willcox, Sonoita and Pearce-Sunsites.

high speed wireless Internet services - Camp Verde, Chino Valley, Clarkdale, Cornville, Cottonwood, Dewey, Jerome, Lake Havasu, Lake Montezuma, Prescott Valley, Rimrock and West Sedona, Central Arizona

Kachina Communications, Inc's Swift Wireless Network is a system of radio transmitters and receivers operating at microwave (2.4 GHz) frequencies. This network allows computers to connect to the Internet at much higher speeds than possible over standard telephone lines. Instead of a telephone modem, each subscriber's computer is fitted with a radio transceiver that communicates directly with our base station. A small antenna is mounted high-up on the outside of the subscriber's building, or on a mast.

Broadband Wireless Internet Service - 11 Mile Corner, Arizona City, Buckeye, Casa Grande, Coolidge, Eloy-Toltec, Florence, Maricopa, Maricopa - Hidden Valley, Maricopa - Thunderbird Farms, Maricopa West, Phoenix, Stanfield, AZ / surrounding areas in Arizona

Transcend Broadband is a broadband Internet and voice services company. We provide our broadband services to businesses and residential customers alike. Transcend utilizes state of the art fixed wireless technology to deliver last mile connectivity to our network, bypassing expensive wireline infrastructure and the slow installation timeframes that come with it. This allows Transcend to deliver broadband speeds up to DS3 at a fraction of the cost of traditional wireline services, and in days instead of weeks!

UbiFi Broadband Wireless ISP - Tucson & Phoenix Metro area and the West Valley area in Arizona

Triad Wireless is the next generation utility company. Internet access is essential to every business. It should be as accessible as any other utility service, power, water, or telephone. Triad has created the UbiFi model of utility based Internet service. We deliver our service utilizing wired, wireless, or a combined system with our own infrastructure and customized WISP services. Our business is delivering and managing high-speed internet for commercial buildings, the travel industry including RV/mobile home parks, hotel/motels and resorts, and residential addresses, even city-wide deployment and residential deployment… The UbiFi engineering infrastructure allows us to deliver internet anywhere, anytime.

High Speed Wireless Internet Services - Willcox, Benson, AZ

High-Speed Wireless Internet availability is determined by the quality of signal at your location. Speeds may vary depending on service location, computer performance/configuration, network/Internet congestion and other factors. Connect to the Internet instantly. Access Web pages faster and download files in a fraction of the time it takes on dial-up. A telephone line is not required to connect.

Broadband Wireless ISP - Sierra Vista, Tucson, AZ

We specialize in wireless broadband solutions for video and data communications.

WISP Broadband Wireless Internet Service Provider - Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Higley, Chandler Heights, Queen Creek, Falcon Field, Williams Gateway Airport, Sun Lakes, Santan and parts of Pinal County, Arizona

Last Mile Communications offers Wydebeam Broadband High Speed internet connectivity through wireless technology covering 260 square miles of the East valley. Check our latest Coverage Map and see if we are in your area.

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